Track Lubrication Machines

Track Lubrication Machines

Navketan has associated with ELPA as sole distributors of sales, service and support in the Indian market to provide unique lubrication solutions for noise and rail wear out reduction. ELPA is a Slovenian company with expertise in environmental rail friction and noise reduction management. Huge research efforts in knowledge and development of WONROS (Wear Out and Noise Reduction On Source) technology makes ELPA. the leading company in the field of high frequency noise and wear out reduction in Railways in the world with patented unique anti-noise solution.

Main features

  • A wayside application system for rail curves
  • Highly effective solution to reduce noise and rail wear out
  • Available in standalone solar option, underground or ACpower electro option
  • Patented unique antinoise solution
  • System allows applying the CHFC (Composite Heavy Fluid Compound) on rails
  • Reduction of rails and wheels LCC (life cycle cost)

Major benefits

Efficiency against wear out

  • Rails
  • Wheel Flanges
  • GCC (Gauge Corner Cracking)
  • RCF (Rolling Contact Fatigue)
  • Sinus-line (corrugation)

Efficiency against noise

  • Best efficiency against squealing and rolling noise generated between metal surfaces
  • Rail and Wheel generated
  • Wheel/Rail brake generated noise
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